Go Against the Tide.

WAVES is an online culture magazine for young people. We exist to chronicle and amplify the voices that matter.

The marginalized. The outvoted. The defiant. The future.

WAVES is for you and your friends and their friends. WAVES is for us. Our time is now.

Our Mission

WAVES functions as a Black-owned, online platform celebrating the stories, expressions, and lives of young people who too often find themselves forgotten inside American youth culture’s dull and homogenous landscape.

Our magazine covers the topics that you talk about. From cultural discourses to intrepid sociopolitical analyses to intimate profiles with names you need to know, WAVES is a platform that encourages those to be their authentic selves at a time when everyone chooses to be artificial and not real at all.

Our Values

WAVES is powered by a dedicated team of creatives. Each of us are devoted to bringing you liberated narratives and disruptive reporting that pushes against your daily scrolling. WAVES is a space for writers, journalists, artists, and readers alike to experiment with new perspectives that redefine what it means to be a young person in these strange, sour times.

We want submissions and pitches from those who have been historically minoritized and underrepresented in America, including but not limited to people who are Black, Indigenous or Native American, Latino(a), Asian or Pacific Islander, and Arab or MENA.

WAVES is an equal opportunity partner that advocate for authentic diversity, representation, and inclusion in creative media.

Editorial Masthead

Angel B. Hardy — Founder + Editor-in-Chief 

Marsalis Higgs — Co-Founder + Brand Curator 

Sean David Laughlin — Co-Founder + Chief Innovation Officer 

Rob Jackson — Digital Strategy Lead 

Keni Thomas — House Illustrator

Contact Us

For comments, feedback, or inquiries related to the magazine and our content, reach out to hello@waveswrld.com.  

For submissions and pitches, please email editorial@waveswrld.com. 

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